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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810


The Maine Clambake: Reimagined

The clambake is a honored New England tradition. Rhode Island claims proudly that it is the original home of the traditional New England clambake, full of lobsters, clams, fish, native sausage, corn, and of course a bowl of clam chowder – and believe us… no one leaves hungry after that feast! While Rhode Island might have dibs on the rightful home of the Downeast Feast, the Maine lobster is on another level 

Clambakes have been enjoyed by thousands, all year long. However, there is something about a summer cookout with mouth-watering lobster and a cold beer. Our perfect day would be a morning hike, afternoon soak, and a lobster dinner with friends.  

If you think about the classic Clambake, you might be thinking red and white checkered linens, lobster bibs, chowder, and a seaside spot. While we work to find a “new normal” in events, we wanted to reimagine how this classic festivity would look in the wake of COVID19 restrictions.  

If you have not experienced the Maine Clambake yet, come on up and we will roll up our sleeves with you and get to work. 

Setting the Scene  

We have opted out those tired red and white checks for something a little more modern. Introducing our Black and White Clambake vision. This look has a touch a elegance, while remaining casual and comfortable. We have incorporated copper chargers, bistro napkins, and specialty smoked glassware to the tablescapes. Instead of highboys and cocktail tables, how about lounge seating? Guests can mingle with each other from a safe distance.  



Your venue space may be a bit larger and cavernous due to the social distancing and gathering size guidelines. We don’t want guests to feel lost in the space, so why not add some open-sided cabanas to the space. This will create a beachfront vibe, and along with low strung bistro lights and hanging lanterns, it will be a more intimate dining experience.  



The Menu  

We may have changed the look of the event, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find our own way of celebrating this traditional menu. Traditionally guests would be served family-style, however with the help of our expert staff members, we will be providing each guest with their own plated feast! Craving something delectable… this is the menu for you.  



Floor Plan and Safety  

Currently in Maine, gatherings of up to 50 guests is allowed. We have updated our below floor plan to reflect a 50 person gathering. For the safety of guests and staff, tables will be set with 5-6 people per table. We included a mix of double-wide farm tables and 72” rounds to create dimension in the room. Each table has 6.5’ of clearance between the tables, to allow for social distancing. Lastly, we cannot forget… sanitize those claws (hands)! We will have sanitizing stations with disposable masks at the entrance and bar for guests.  

We are all managing changes to our lives, events, gatherings, and plans for the rest of the year, but we want to help your team celebrate and enjoy friends and food in Maine.   

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